mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Behind the scenes with Noeuf

This week, Hélène de Borderie and Jaimee Gong take us behind the scenes of their online children's store Noeuf (and show us their baby photos in the process!)...

Nettement Chic (NC): When did you start Noeuf?
Noeuf: Noeuf the baby concept store, was created in 2009.

NC: Describe your e-shop in a few words?
Noeuf: Noeuf offers parents and future parents a unique online selection combining designer fashion, baby care products, pregnancy accessories, decor and toys. A one stop shopping experience, to address all needs, from everyday life with baby to one of a kind fashion cravings. Every product is carefully hand picked and tested by the Noeuf team. We search all around the world for creations that are useful, beautiful, original, not too expensive, produced in working conditions that respect workers and artisans.

NC: What was your last online purchase?
Hélène: I bought bright poppy-coloured tights for Luna on Collegien and a pair of cream shoes with orange laces on Clotaire.
Jaimee: I bought some cool boots from our friends at Centre Commercial, a scarf from Meilleur Ami Paris and some socks for my husband at Men Look.

NC: What are your favourite e-shops?
Noeuf: Troc Vestiaire, a great site for revamping and changing your wardrobe! Also, Far Fetch, a great marketplace dedicated to designer fashion. They offer a unique selection collected from the crème de la crème of brick and mortar concept stores all over the world, and they deliver right to your door!

NC: What is your favourite blog?
Noeuf: I love the spirit of A nos enfants, Fanny Grangier's blog. I always feel very connected to the feelings that she expresses in her blog. She is my friend, but I really believe that what she conveys is a widely shared way to view your life as a woman and as a mother nowadays.

NC: What is your nettement secret?
Noeuf: Humour. Keeps you younger, positively minded and gives you good wrinkles.

NC: What is your definition of chic?
Noeuf: Something that really cannot be summed up by something you own. A certain way to behave with grace.

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