jeudi 8 novembre 2012

Behind the scenes with Ecocentric

This week we celebrate the third birthday of one of our favourite e-shops Ecocentric. Founder Michaël Sanson gives us his definition of chic. Eco-chic of course!

Nettement Chic (NC): When did you start Ecocentric?
Michaël: Ecocentric was launched at the end of 2009. On 1st November, we’ll be celebrating three years of supplying the very best organic products on the web.

NC: Describe your e-shop in a few words.
Michaël: Ecocentric is a unique selection of organic brands offering cosmetics, fashion and well-being products.

NC: What was your last online purchase?
Michaël: An organic cotton dress from Ekyog, as a gift for someone. I really like this brand, and I feel as if I can’t go wrong with them – whatever I buy is guaranteed to please!

NC: What are your favourite e-shops?
Michaël: I love the selection of products at La Belle Echoppe. Other than that, I also shop on multi-brand sites like Mr Porter and The Corner on a regular basis.

NC: What is your favourite blog?
Michaël: I read Biotista everyday. Anna and Céline have a really fresh style and always post original recipes and eco-finds that are worth the visit.

NC: What is your nettement secret?
Michaël: Organic infusions and ayurvedic plant-based supplements from Pukka: they’re as great-tasting as they are healthy.

NC: What is your definition of chic?
Michaël: Being eco and chic at the same time - in a word, being "ecocentric", of course!

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