jeudi 25 octobre 2012

Behind the scenes with LESSisRARE

This week, we go behind the scenes with Phane Denis du Péage - Tavidian, founder of e-shop LESSisRARE...

Nettement Chic (NC): When did you start LESSisRARE?
Phane: November 2010.

NC: Describe your e-shop in a few words?
Phane: LESSisRARE is an online concept store which offers chic and rare jewellery, fashion accessories and decorative items, as well as exceptional exclusive and limited edition pieces.

NC: What was your last online purchase?
Phane: Just last week, I bought: an escapulario necklace from an e-shop specialising in Brazilian products; a Phurba pendant from a Tibetan e-shop based in the UK; and boots from Spain for my daughter. The internet is my window onto the world.

NC: What are your favourite e-shops?
Phane: The Holy Trinity (Net-A-Porter, Mr Porter, The Outnet), Matches (so beautiful), Colette (I especially love their music) and, the best of the rest, Couture Lab (so rare and chic!).

NC: What are your favourite blogs?

NC: What is your nettement secret?
Phane: The launch of a small line of ethnic chic jewellery, Editions LESSisRARE.

NC: What is your definition of chic?
Phane: For me, chic means rare. Looking chic is: mixing styles, genres and influences; wearing something vintage, experimental, surprising, unique... Being chic in the week is: spending an evening on my bike, sipping cocktails al-fresco... A chic holiday is: somewhere I can go barefoot.

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