mercredi 10 octobre 2012

Behind the scenes with FrenchTrotters

Clarent Delouz, co-founder of FrenchTrotters with wife Carole, talks to us about Capri, cacti and city chic…

- When did you create FrenchTrotters?
FrenchTrotters started out 8 years ago. We opened our first shop, which sold brands for women and men, in 2005 on Rue de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement in Paris.

- Describe your e-shop in a few words?
Simple, chic and laid-back, very Parisian in style but also inspired by our travels. We really emphasise quality and detail. We rely on traditional craftsmanship, for example, for our shirts made in Paris or our jumpers knitted in Brittany. Our embroidering and dying is done in India, where we create our own prints.

- What was your last online purchase?
Plane tickets to Capri! For a moment of pure summer nostalgia, click here.

- What is your favorite e-shop?
We really like Labour and Wait. They offer a beautiful selection of simple and authentic products. In a similar vein, we’re really into La Belle Echopewho offer a range of products made in France.

- What is your favorite blog?
In terms of French blogs, our friend’s Redingote, and in terms of foreign blogs, The 189.

- What is your nettement secret?
Cacti. They’re the perfect finishing touch to any room. We use them everywhere, at home as well as in our shops. 

- What is your definition of chic?
Paris is chic!  Having breakfast in the terrace of a cafe. Riding through the city on a vespa. What’s also 'nettement chic' is escaping to the north and spending the weekend at La Grenouillère sleeping in one of their huts and dining in their impressive restaurant under a big marquee.

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