vendredi 17 août 2012

A postcard from Lombok

Nettement Chic's fourth and penultimate summer postcard comes to you from the far flung shores of Lombok in Indonesia. Lucas, co-founder of one of our all time favourite e-stores Cuisse de Grenouille, takes us on a tour of the island, accompanied by his brother and co-founder Séverin.

Nettement Chic (NC): Why Lombok and since when?
Lucas : In all honesty I was going to write about Brittany, where I have spent pretty much all my holidays since childhood. But despite absolutely loving the north-east coast of France, I have started to realise that the weather is a bit of an issue… There is even an expression in french that says that in Brittany it only rains on fools and I am starting to think that either I am a total fool or that the maxim is untrue! Either way, this summer I decided to avoid the daily downpour in favour of a rather more exotic destination: Lombok in Indonesia.

NC: What are your tips for a nettement chic day in Lombok?
Lucas: For me a good night is the first step on the road to a good day, hence the importance of finding the right hotel. I loved the Surfer Inn which is right at the entrance to Kuta Lombok. There is a pool (a rare find in the region), a superb restaurant and importantly, air-conditioned rooms.

The next challenge is to find a way to get around. For me the moped is the mode of transport of choice and opens up numerous possible destinations on the island. If you like to surf, head to the little village of Gerupuk where the charming fisherman can be persuaded to take you by boat to the best waves.

Strenuous activity deserves to be followed by a massage and the Sofitel is the place to go (at 20 euros you would be mad not to!). End the day with supper at the fabulous vegetarian restaurant Ashtari, high above Kuta Lombok.

NC: What is the indispensable item of clothing for a day on the beach in Lombok?
Lucas: It has to be a pair of board-shorts from Cuisse de Grenouille! We have named one pair after Gerupuk in honour of the perfect waves.

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