jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Behind the scenes with Cuisse de Grenouille

This week, Nettement Chic went behind the scenes with Lucas and Séverin Bonnichon, brothers and co-founders of Cuisse de Grenouille...

Nettement Chic (NC): When did you start Cuisse de Grenouille?
Cuisse de Grenouille (CG): 1st September 2010.

NC: Describe your e-shop in a few words.
CG: Cuisse de Grenouille is a French prêt-à-porter brand with an urban surf feel. Founders Lucas and Séverin aim to offer quality products made exclusively in Europe and inspired by the 50s surfer lifestyle. 

Cuisse de Grenouille pays homage to the "Gentleman Surfer", a figure from the 50s, that era when surfing was synonymous with elegance and effortless style. Our typical client is young and sporty with a decent budget, and always ready to jump on the first train to Biarritz when the conditions are right for surfing – or, at least, that’s the kind of lifestyle that we want to our brand to evoke.

NC: What was your last online purchase?
CG: A Gopro camera.

NC: What is your favourite e-shop?
CG: Mr Porter.

NC : What is your favourite blog?
CG: Fubiz.

NC: What is your nettement secret?
CG: Keeping it in the family.

NC: What is your definition of chic?
CG: The combination of elegance and effortlessness embodied by Cuisse de Grenouille’s products ;)

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