mercredi 30 mai 2012

A la rencontre de Sloane Stationery

Nettement Chic a interrogé pour vous Nathalie Vaandrager, fondatrice hollandaise de Sloane Stationery, marque très anglaise. Née à Londres, cette maison de papeterie branchée propose des carnets fabriqués à la main en lin ou en cuir dans une sélection de couleurs délicieuses. Nous avons pénétré dans l’univers de ce bijou « british ». Parfait en cette semaine qui signe les soixante ans de règne de Queen Elizabeth. Rencontre.

Nettement Chic (NC): Describe your brand in a few words.
Nathalie Vaandrager (NV): Smart notebooks for desk and handbag. Sloane Stationery journals are available in an endless mix of shapes and sizes, and are the perfect accessory for men and women. Our classically trained bookbinders make each book individually, ensuring top quality and style. Each notebook has a grosgrain ribbon to mark pages, along with our signature tassel.

NC: What was your last online purchase?
NV: Ballerina's and a beautiful ring from -- an original and fabulous new French e-shop.

NC: What is your favourite e-shop?
NV: Nothing beats ordering online and waiting for delivery! Virtually all my shopping is done on the internet and my favourites are: for dresses, day and night; -- i will always be a "just do it" fan; -- beautiful gifts and interior objects.

NC: What is your favourite blog?
NV: Liberty London Girl brings a little piece of NYC to my London life.

NC: What is your nettement secret?
NV: My Brazilian manicurist and my wonderful illustrator Hanneke Jongsma.

NC: What does So British mean to you?
NV: A brisk walk in the countryside, come rain or shine.


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